Real Estate Tips & FAQ

Tips & Answers

Can I get a free market analysis on my house?

As one of our many services, Realty Atlantic offers a free market analysis to prospective buyers and sellers. Please call our offices at (386) 445-1231 and speak to any of our associates.

Can I get pre-approved for a mortgage?

Absolutely! We strongly recommend that you get pre-approved prior to house hunting. This will work to your advantage when negotiating a price with sellers. This can be done over the phone. Call us at 800-398-1005

I owe more on my house than it’s worth. Can I get re-financed?

Yes! You may qualify under either the HAMP or the HARP Programs. These programs offer reduced principal and below-market interest rates. Call for more information.

How long do I have to wait to qualify for another mortgage after a short sale’

Usually you can qualify for a conventional mortgage with 10% down after four (4) years; two (2) years with 20% down; FHA with 3.5% down after three (3) years. The time starts the day of the deed transfer.

My house was foreclosed on. I have a job now. Can I qualify for a mortgage?

Historically there is a waiting period of seven (7) years after the date that ownership changes to secure a conventional loan and three (3) years to secure an FHA mortgage. The alternative is to purchase with seller financing.

What is Title Insurance and how much does it cost? Is it mandatory?

A comprehensive contract of indemnity under which the title company agrees to reimburse the insured for any loss if title is not as represented in the policy. The cost of title insurance is on a sliding scale and is regulated by the State. Purchase price up to $100,000.00 is a one-time fee of $575.00 then $5.00 per $1,000.00 up to a million. Title Insurance is mandatory as most lenders require it. If there is no lender involved, it would still be wise to obtain title insurance.

How can I figure out what my closing costs will be?

Closing costs are itemized expenses of the sale which must be paid in addition to the purchase price (in the case of the buyer’s expenses), or be deducted from the proceeds of the sale (in the case of the seller’s expenses). Closing costs include pro-rations (taxes, insurance, association fees, etc) survey costs, points, settlement fee, state documentary stamps on deed, mortgage and note, and all other miscellaneous costs that belong to either the buyer or seller. These itemized costs are prepared on a Settlement Statement (HUD -1) also called Closing Statement. It’s advisible to request a copy of a “Preliminary HUD” prior to closing.

What is a short sale and how does it work?

A short sale condition is created when the sales price of a subject property is less than that owed. Usually mortgagees (lenders) will at times work with the mortgagors (owners) to adjust the principal of the mortgages to equal the market value in order to facilitate a sale.

School Information

flagler county schoolsPlease click here for detailed information

Belle Terre Elementary School
Principal: Dr. Culver
5545 Belle Terre Parkway
Palm Coast, FL 32137
Phone: (386) 447-1500
Fax: (386) 447-1516

Buddy Taylor Middle School
Principal: Stephen Hinson
4500 Belle Terre Parkway
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Phone: (386) 446-6700
Fax: (386) 446-6711

Bunnell Elementary School
Principal: Richard Dupont
305 North Palmetto Street
Bunnell, FL 32110
Phone: (386) 437-7533
Fax: (386) 437-7591

Flagler Palm Coast High School
Principal: Lynette Shott
5500 E. Highway 100
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Phone: (386) 437-7540
Fax: (386) 437-7546

Flagler Technical Institute
Coordinator: Ronee King
One Corporate Drive, Suite 1B
Palm Coast, FL 32137
Phone: (386) 447-4345
Fax (386) 447-4347

iFlagler Virtual School
Director: Diane Dyer
1769 East Moody Blvd. Bunnell FL 32110
Phone: (386) 437-7562
Fax (386) 586-2351

Indian Trails Middle School
Principal: Vernon Orndorff
5505 Belle Terre Parkway
Palm Coast, FL 32137
Phone: (386) 446-6732
Fax: (386) 446-7662

Matanzas High School
Principal: Chris Pryor
3535 Old Kings Road North
Palm Coast, FL 32137
Phone: (386) 447-1575
Fax (386) 447-1525

Old Kings Elementary School
Principal: Nancy Willis
301 Old Kings Road South
Flagler Beach, FL 32136
Phone: (386) 517-2060
Fax (386) 517-2074

Everest Alternative School
Principal: Winnie Oden
5400 E Highway 100
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Phone: (386) 586-2124
Fax (386) 586-2301

Rymfire Elementary School
Principal: Paula St. Francis
1425 Rymfire Drive
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Phone: (386) 206-4600
Fax (386) 586-2305

Wadsworth Elementary School
Principal: Robin Dupont
4550 Belle Terre Parkway
Palm Coast, FL 32137
Phone: (386) 446-6720
Fax: (386) 446-7681